In a world that seems so rugged, messy and damaged;

the things that bring us immeasurable joy still exist.

2020 has been a whirlwind.

So many hardships have presented themselves and snarled their nasty, sharp-toothed grins.

But like a great wildfire, with death, loss and destruction, there is growth.

There has to be something more, something brighter.

A new beginning.


My name is Erika.

I am a photographer from a once underwater town, tucked away and cradled by

the mountains of Montana.

It is nicknamed the city of soul, because the people who call it home, feel so deeply.

I recently escaped to the pacific northwest to follow my ever-itching desire to explore endless evergreens, cascading waterfalls and new mountains to climb; and like this past year,

a new beginning.


As you navigate my page you will see that my portfolio is colorful and extensive.

I don’t only photograph love in the traditional sense. I do not limit myself to weddings.

This is because I believe that love is everywhere.

Love can be what you have for your significant other, of course, But how about that of a bee keeper, harvesting the hard work of thousands of honeybees who have buzzed and bumbled through wildflowers, or the giggles of two sisters, snuggled up on a chalk scribbled porch.

How about the funky local eatery down higgins street that has crafted the perfect vegan donut,

or the view from the snowy summit of St.Mary's peak.

I love every second of love. I want it all.


Thank you for coming to visit my collection of photos, my view of love, my life.

I hope to get the chance to capture whatever it is that drives you wild, motivates you, moves you.

My promise to you, is to paint your beauty as it is.

Show me your story and I'll paint the picture.

Let’s go for an adventure. 


This last year was an anomaly, and I cannot wait to showcase 2021 in an entirely new light.


Ride along with me. We have work to do.







Comfort yields no inspiration; do something.


I'm ready when you are


Let's be in touch

Email: Erika@onyxandlace.com

Tel: 406-529-4294

IG: @inspiredbymontana + @onyxandlaceMT